Entrusting someone with helping you attain your goals, dreams and aspirations is an important decision, and we encourage you to try all 3 of our classes out for FREE prior to making your choice as to where you’ll be training. Many gyms will require you to sign a contract (6 months or 12 months), or offer “No Contract” at a more expensive “month-to-month” rate. Training at FIGHT TEAM LLC is as low as only $29.99 per month, and goes no higher than $69.99 per month for UNLIMITED access – no contract whatsoever. That’s right, only $69.99 for access to every Cardio & Conditioning class (12 Hours a Month), access to every San Shou/Sanda (Striking and Takedowns) class (12 Hours a Month), access to every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Chokes and Submissions) class (8 Hours a Month) and access to all Open Mat Training (4 Hours a Month) – 36 Hours of access per month breaks down to only $1.94 per training hour!

Most gyms won’t put their pricing in print, or even discuss pricing over the phone – requiring you to set an appointment before pricing will be discussed (pressure sales tactic)… what do they have to hide?!

MMA, SanShou/Sanda, Kickboxing, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu