Entrusting someone with helping you attain your goals, dreams and aspirations is an important decision, and we encourage you to try all 3 of our classes out for FREE prior to making your choice as to where you’ll be training. Many gyms will require you to sign a contract (6 months or 12 months), or offer “No Contract” at a more expensive “month-to-month” rate. Training at FIGHT TEAM LLC is as low as only $39 per month, and goes no higher than $89 per month for UNLIMITED access – no contract whatsoever.

That’s right, only $89 for access to every Cardio & Conditioning class (12 Hours a Month), access to every San Shou/Sanda (Striking and Takedowns) class (12 Hours a Month), access to every No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Chokes and Submissions) class (6 Hours a Month) and access to all Open Mat Training (4 Hours a Month) – 34 Hours of access per month breaks down to only $2.62 per training hour!

Most gyms won’t put their pricing in print, or even discuss pricing over the phone – requiring you to set an appointment before pricing will be discussed (pressure sales tactic)… what do they have to hide?!

Contact us today at 813.417.4568 to get started on accomplishing your Fighting and/or Fitness goals… you’ll thank us later!

MMA, SanShou/Sanda, Kickboxing, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu