Cardio Kickboxing


 You don’t have to get hit, to get fit! Our ‘Fight Fitness’ classes are not your typical ‘Kickbox-Aerobics’ or ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class, this is real training! Punching only tones the arms, ‘Fight Fitness’ is a total body workout. You’ll not merely throw kicks and/or punches to the air, or in a mirror, you’ll punch, kick, knee and elbow real targets, which provide resistance and a better overall workout. Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, 6’ft Punching/Kicking Bags, Kick Shields and Speed Bags; you’ll work with them all! You’ll learn real fighting techniques and develop a confidence that can only be obtained by actually executing them, full-force. You’re guaranteed to leave not only with a great aerobic workout (burning between 750-1,000 calories an hour), but also with an in-depth understanding of the techniques you’ve learned. Why waste time throwing punches and kicks to the air? Train like a real fighter, and reap the benefits that come along with a fighter’s training regimen!

MMA, SanShou/Sanda, Kickboxing, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu